15+ Smartest Ways to Get Discounts in Australia

July 24th, 2023

15+ Smartest Ways to Get Discounts in Australia

Whether you are on a tight budget or have a goal to save money, what you need are hassle-free ways to get discounts in Australia. Finding these can be tricky as you have to hunt down everything place that offers reduced prices. So, how about we make it convenient for you?

Looking For Discounts In Australia? Here Are Some Ways!

Our experts have put together useful money saving tips for Australians. Take a look at this guide and discover the ways you can cut your expenses every day!

1. Get Social For Savings

Looking for ways to save money on Valentine’s Day? Occasions like these are when brands usually offer discounts. However, you have to stay informed to leverage ways to get discounts in Australia. This is where social media platforms come in. 

For instance, if it's Valentine's discount you're after, make sure you're following the brands you'd love to shop from. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all places where you can get immediate updates. 

Various stores in Australia offer discounts in-store only, but they relay that information over social media, so make sure you have that Follow button clicked. Don’t forget to keep checking brand pages to order as soon as the discounts are up to get your gifts in time!

2. Email’s Still Going Strong

Once upon a time, before posts, reels, and stories, email was the way to go when it came to knowing ways to get discounts in Australia (or pretty much anywhere in the world). Despite the rise of various platforms, email remains a popular choice when it comes to brands communicating with their customers.

You may be on a social media sabbatical or simply trying to lessen your screen time—and in the process, you may miss out on the discounts offered there. However, if you've subscribed to brand websites, you can stay updated. 

No matter how long you are away from social media, a simple email notification will keep you on track with finding discounts in Australia.

3. Following Influencers Has Its Perks

The blogger-turned-influencer culture may face criticism, but there are a lot of positives in this world. You can play it smart and not get reeled into making unnecessary purchases. Follow for ideas, inspiration, and mostly importantly, discount codes. 

Brands know that the key to reaching out to the masses is by showcasing their products and services through influencers, and time and again by offering discounts to keep the followers hooked. Looking for ways to save money on a wedding? Photographers, caterers, and other services can get expensive, but you can use the discount codes they offer influencers to cut your costs.

Influencers are one of the best ways to get discounts in Australia. Make sure you are following influencers who work with certain kinds of brands, the brands you are interested in.

4. Coupon Cutting – The Classic

A timeless way to grab discounts in Australia – coupon cutting. You may not be getting as many magazines and newspapers as before thanks to everything going digital, so make sure you cut up all the coupons you come across. You can also buy magazines or newsletters which you know contain great discounts for stores you frequent.

While this may seem like a loss when it comes to ways to get discounts in Australia—as you are spending money to save money—the discounts you find in some magazines/newsletters will help you save a ton of bucks compared to the few you spent getting access to the coupons. Make sure to check the coupon expiration. Some expire within a few days or a week, so choose wisely.

5. Coupon Websites & Blogs

Can't seem to find any coupons to cut? You're in luck because much like the newspapers and magazines you now access primarily online, you can get access to coupons online too. Go digital in all aspects when looking for ways to get discounts in Australia.

Find a plethora of Australian coupon websites and blogs dedicated to coupons and deals, which provide codes you can use at checkout to get a nice deduction on your checkout total. 

Of course, you will find navigating the world of online coupons a tad tricky. Not all codes work, or some are simply bogus links. The key to successful coupon hunting online is turning to reliable discount sites in Australia where the offers are legit and useful.

6. Discount Websites & Apps

Are you often looking for a guide to stay on budget, only to fail as soon as a hefty expense comes up? We're talking about buying furniture, travelling by air, getting a new electronic good, and so on. These expenses make your monthly budget get out of hand drastically. 

The way around this is to use discount websites. Instead of shopping directly from the business website, look for websites that collect deals and offers from various businesses in a single niche, as they specialize in one thing and get you the price reductions you need. 

These websites are one of the ways to get discounts in Australia which people know about but often forget when it comes to making the purchase, so make sure you bookmark this guide for future reference!

7. Google Local Discounts

From referral codes to ongoing sales and offers, you can find it all with a simple Google Search. You may not be following a brand or may not be subscribed to their email list, but no worries. 

You can still stay updated; get the help of your go-to search engine as one of the ways to get discounts in Australia. Make sure to be specific; have your browser setting or mobile location turned on for more accurate results. 

The Google search engine may point you toward older offers, so check the date in order to avoid lengthy web searches. From Google, you can explore brand sites, social media profiles, or associated third-party websites to uncover any ongoing deals.

8. Using Loyalty Points

Many people ignore one of the most convenient ways to get discounts in Australia: loyalty points. If you shop at the same store again and again, whether in person or online, find out if they offer loyalty rewards/points. 

Some stores and brands offer loyalty cards or keychains, others your own personal code. The points you get on a single visit may not seem like much but they add up eventually, leaving you with a nice total to avail discounts in Australia stores.

Always remember to gather all those loyalty points, even when you’re buying a few things. Don't forget—some stores offer loyalty points but with expiration dates (quarterly, annually), so use your up before they refresh. 

9. Consider Cashback Sites

Cashback sites and apps are another ways to get discounts in Australia; you can make money or save money. There are many of these available for Australian users, a popular example including Cashrewards. 

You can earn money by watching videos, filling out surveys, or shopping through that website, and you get points in return. Redeem these points to get discount vouchers. 

Cashback sites are free to join (there are ones that will charge you, but it is best to steer clear of sites and apps that make you pay considerable sums as a way forward to “save money”). Cashback apps are usually added to your browser’s extensions list so that you can find discounts for websites you visit. 

10. Keep Those Receipts

Saving receipts is one of the clever ways to get discounts in Australia. It may feel like a hassle, but if you're serious about penny-pinching then be ready to gather up a bit of paper. 

First, some receipts are useful for getting a discount on your next visit. In case you forget to add loyalty points to your rewards program on your previous visit, check if you can have them added later on using your receipt. 

The second reason to hold on to your receipts is price matching. If shopping from multiple stores rather than sticking to one, your receipts can help in comparing prices. You'll be surprised to learn that the same products go for a lesser price at some places than others—especially if we're talking about everyday grocery items such as fresh produce, breakfast items, and more.

11. Are You A Student?

Student discounts are one of the best things to exist. When you've got a limited allowance, then seeking out student discounts is a great way to have some fun and save those extra bucks. There are a number of places that offer student discounts, both ongoing and on occasion. The top ways to get discounts in Australia using student discounts include taking up the offer at places such as:

1. Dining (mostly fast food outlets)

2. Cinemas & Recreational Centers

3. Stationary & Gift Shops 

Brands such as Spotify, Apple and Netflix also offer student discounts in Australia. You use your kids' student discounts for savings on various products for your home too.

12. Employee Discount Benefit

Many brands offer a certain percentage of their products or services to their employees. If this is not mentioned in your employee benefits at the time of your hire, you can still ask for any existing discounts that work for you as a member of the business. 

Some of the leading examples of types of brands offering discounts in Australia for their employees include clothing and accessories brands, home goods stores, and more. 

While these discounts will help you save only on the type of products your brand offers—which may or may not be something you buy often—it counts as a smart saving technique!

13. Friends & Family Discounts

Various service businesses throughout Australia offer employees benefits other than getting reduced prices for themselves. Employees can offer their discounts to a limited number of friends and family.

So, among the ways to get discounts in Australia is to reach out to your close family or friends and get some savings out of the relationship. Of course, reaching out for a discount to people you don't talk to often or don't know very well isn't the way to go here (let's not forget our manner while we're out cutting prices on purchases), but when it comes to people close to you, don't miss the opportunity to get those deals!

14. Surf To Online Surveys

Surveys are ways to get discounts in Australia. You don't have to spend a ton of time to get your deals. There are various survey sites in Australia that offer such bonuses. You can also turn to survey sites outside Australia that allow international surveyors to complete the forms. 

You can sign up for many survey sites free of cost. Look for websites that offer a large variety of surveys so that you can pick and choose what suits you. Some examples of well-paying survey sites for Australians are Swagbucks, Octopus Group, & Prize Rebel (PrizeRebel pays in US Dollars), so the conversion rate makes the outcome more valuable).

15. Bank Card Offers

A coupon code Australia is not the only way to save money. Using your card to pay the bill often? Don't forget to swipe it or tap it where they have a discount for your bank. American Express, Citi, and HSBC are all examples of banks that have credit cards with rewards programs and discount offers at various places.

One of the best discounts you can get using your credit/debit card is when you fly. Nearly every airline has a discount on certain card payments, so make sure you use these. 

A great tip is that you can pay for your flight with the card of someone who owns one that has a discount on it and pay them instead. Given how hefty airline tickets can be, leave no stone unturned when it comes to airfare deals!

16. Bonus: Other Tips

Here are some other money saving tips for Australians: 

1. Sign-Up Offer: Some eCommerce stores offer you a discount only if you sign up for a customer account. This may mean an extra email subscription and a fuller inbox, but the discount is worth it, don’t you think? You can also find first-time purchase discounts on various online stores.

2. Birthday Savings: Did you know there are birthday freebies in Australia? Baskin Robbins, McDonald’s, Subway, Krispy Kreme, and more—there are so many places that offer free food (or free food with a minimum purchase) o your big day!

3. Withholding Checkout:  This method is a clever one (though it does not apply to every website, it is entirely a matter of chance). Fill your cart with items you want to buy and go through the checkout process (make sure you put your email and save it). Short of paying and placing an order, complete all steps—and then leave. Various stores automatically email you a discount code within 24 to 48 hours as an incentive to complete the sale!

4. Ask For Discounts: If you're shopping in-store at a place that is not retail, bring in your bargaining powers. There are various markets and thrift stores in Australia where you can ask for a discount. While this may be awkward for some buyers, the room for haggling is there so why not take advantage?

Finding Online Discounts In Australia With OZ Thrift

If you need discounts, deals, and offers from brands in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! 

From ways to save money on kids’ toys to deals on home linens, we’ve got all kinds of discounts for you, as well as tips and tricks to save money. We make your search for discounts in Australia easy and hassle-free – browse our site to learn more!

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