11 Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Toys

February 18th, 2023

11 Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Toys

Is it really necessary to break the bank and splurge on toys that won't even be valued? When considering which toys to buy for your kids, remember that buying new doesn't guarantee satisfaction. What matters is finding something sturdy and stimulating enough for them - with their growing quickly, investing in long-lasting items will lead to ways to save money on kid’s toys in the end. Find ways to cut costs without compromising on quality; it's possible!

OZ Thrift can provide you with the best options to get a high-quality brand new and pre-owned toys at an affordable price. Keep reading to find out great ideas on how to entertain your children without breaking the bank!

Cut Costs on Children's Toys - Tips for Smart Shopping

If you’re seeking the perfect way to satisfy your child without succumbing to their never-ending wishes, then establishing suitable Kids’ Toys shopping tricks and maintaining an organized toy room is essential. To make this process simple, focus on what holds your kid's attention for prolonged periods of time - our helpful tips below will provide further guidance! With these thoughtful hacks, creating an enjoyable environment at home while preserving order has never been easier.

  • Use Coupons

Coupons are one of the unique ways to save money on kid’s toys on virtually any product. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to purchase board and card games, discount coupons can be a great option. Don't miss out on special discounts that may be available throughout the year, not just around Easter or Christmas! 

Connect with your child-free friends and ask them to collect coupon code in Australia for you. Who knows? They might even bring their most beloved toy as a birthday gift if asked nicely. Make sure you take full advantage of these invaluable savings; it's an investment worth making!

If you're looking for ways to save money on kid’s toys, then don't forget to check the Sunday papers for printable coupons. Additionally, with so many mobile coupons floating around these days, make sure you stay up-to-date and take advantage of them all! Hunting down great deals is easier than ever before - so why not get more bang for your buck?

  • Visit Discounted Stores

During the holidays, excellent bargains can be found in any discounted store. Furthermore, even outside of the Christmas season, these great deals are still available. If you live near a toy store that offers more affordable prices, make sure to check back in regularly for special sales or discounts. 

You can even stock up on toys as gifts for upcoming birthdays of family members and pals! Keep an eye out because it could be just the opportunity you need to save money on Kid’s Toys while scoring great deals on presents.

  • Use Cashback Rewards Or Points

Maximize your potential ways to save money on kid’s toys shopping with cashback platforms! Simply follow the link of desired stores on these websites and you'll get a refund for each item purchased. We recommend signing up for multiple sites in order to take full advantage of their discounts and promotions.

Reward programs also offer cash back in the form of points, which can redeemable as a type of physical gift card. However, it is important to practice self-control and not impulsively buy things for children just because you have enough points to do so - overspending your rewards could lead to additional costs that aren't necessary if they already have what they need!

  • Swap Toys Online

It's no secret that children outgrow toys rapidly, leaving you in a constant struggle to keep up with their need for newer and more stimulating items. In the early stages of life, it seems like they are easily bored by existing playthings and require something new within weeks - if not days! 

To stay ahead of the game and provide your little ones with fun challenges, you must be on top of finding them increasingly advanced options.

For total cost savings, the best option is to borrow toys from family members, friends, or colleagues. If that fails, seek out an online toy swap- a great way to save money and declutter your space at the same time! 

Lenders can benefit by freeing up their storage for items they no longer use while you can give away toys not needed when there's another toddler in tow. In reality, swapping children’s equipment is one of the smartest ways to save money on kids’ toys in the long run!

  • Trade-In

Toys might have a short lifespan, but that doesn't mean they should stay in the closet and gather dust. Spruce them up, get them looking fresh again, then exchange them for cash or coupons! 

There are plenty of options to make this happen too; local bike shops often offer credits on new bikes when you trade in used ones and Walmart even allows trades on PlayStation and Xbox products. So put those toys back into circulation with these simple swaps!

  • Check For Free Or Discounted Toys On Craigslist

Forget about being stuck with buying cheap, novelty toys for your kids. You can find durable items that are just as good as brand new on Craigslist! This one-stop-shop offers a variety of products from educational games to DIY craft sets and bicycles. And it's likely you'll discover more goodies than you bargained for when shopping around here!

If you want to save money, investigate the free section first! From activity tables and high chairs to kitchen playsets, a plethora of toys are donated for no cost. You may be astounded at how many playthings people give away just because they need more storage space or don't have children anymore. 

So before you spend your hard-earned cash on playthings, check out what's free - it could pay off! Check out the brand reviews in Australia to keep yourself updated.

Why not take a peek at Facebook Marketplace for free children's items? See how many people are offering goods to de-clutter their homes! It is time for parents to find ways to save money on kids’ toys by taking advantage of these offers. You will be astonished by the sheer number of offerings available on your local Facebook group!

  • Rent Toys Rather Than Buying

Who said you can only rent cars and flats? You'd be surprised to know that play stuff is now available for rental too! From clean, sanitized, and repackaged gently used toys, the options are endless. Make sure to check out our collection today!

Visualize the wealth and space you'll save each month by not needing to purchase new products. Most importantly, your children will be overjoyed to discover fresh items in their rooms on a regular basis. Because they only play with toys temporarily, it's essential that you consider renting as an option.

Forget breaking the bank for your kids' new toys. Consider opting to rent or share instead, so you can save money for what's truly essential in life.

  • Search For Discount Gift Cards

Are you looking for ways to save money on kid’s toys and gifts? Then why not take the time to plan ahead and get free gift cards? Stock up on loyalty cards from your favorite stores, so that they are always ready in your wallet. Save yourself a few dollars each time you go out with this simple tip!

  • Dive Into The Sales

Why pay the full price when you can find ways to save money on kid’s toys by planning ahead and shopping during seasonal sales? Most department stores and malls have large discounts twice annually, while online retailers often provide great deals on specific brands. Don't miss out – grab your child's favorite toys at a fraction of the cost!

Creating a shopping list before hitting the stores is an excellent tactic to employ when you know when sales are and what kind of toys you want. 

Moreover, don't let your kids have access to everything at once – store them in secret places and hand out new items each time they start getting bored with their old ones; it's astonishing how quickly children forget about older toys and then rediscover them after just a few weeks!

  • Check The Clearance Section

Don't let the rumor be true - it is a fact that after Christmas, many stores fill large sections of their premises with items on sale. Make January your shopping month for toys and you can get up to 50% discounts! Occasionally prices might even drop as much as 70%, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

If you're in search of discounts, head to your local Target and look for the clearance sign. Many items are on sale at the end of each aisle or on an endcap; just grab a few with red price tags and surprise your kids! Don't forget to pay attention to which day it is when shopping as some deals may be exclusive only on certain weekdays.

When selecting toys for your kids, opt for those that can provide multiple play experiences such as building blocks and Playmobil. Not only will this spark creativity in children, but it also gives them an endless array of playing possibilities. Make sure the toys are interactive so they’ll always have something new to discover!

  • Recycled And DIY Toys

By upcycling cardboard, you can encourage your child's creativity and construct a train together. Cardboard is also brilliant for creating fun playhouses! Toilet paper rolls & plastic bottles are excellent materials to craft DIY toys - like mini animals, cars or even holiday decorations. Get creative and make something special right at home!

Don't let those extra coffee cans go to waste - make musical drums for your child, who loves making music and getting rowdy! You can also use any old fabric to create homemade rag dolls, foam blocks or glove monsters. 

Furthermore, a DIY cloth book is an exciting way of developing fine motor skills in kids. Sew animal shapes into the book if you want them to gain knowledge about animals or glue items that tell stories together. For toddlers, construct a discovery jug which will not only be fun but educational too!

Bottom Line

To aid our readers in an exclusive money saving guide on children's goods, we have put together a variety of strategies. Whichever approach you decide to take will surely allow you to get the most bang for your buck! From trading-in items, taking advantage of clearance sales, utilizing coupons, and/or purchasing pre-owned products--it’s time for all parents to become savvy savers when it comes to kids' toys.

Are you astounded at the sheer number of ways to save money on kid’s toys? If our guide truly did help, then why not subscribe to the OZ Thrift newsletter and gain access to even more useful tips and advice? Get ready for an array of great ideas that will surely help your wallet—and toy budget!

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