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With OZ Thrift, you can benefit from the most reliable discount coupon provider and a broad affiliation with various merchants across different product categories. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and providing an ideal solution for all your shopping needs – no matter if you have a budget, limited time or need access to authentic items. Our goal is simple: make shopping as easy and hassle-free as possible!

  • In this document: “Merchants” is an alternate term for “Stores and Brands.”
  • We refer to you - our valued customers - as "Customers".

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At OZ Thrift, we are passionate about safeguarding customer and merchant data. With our secure platform, you can enter your private information with the assurance of safety so that orders or delivery requests can be completed in a timely manner with ease.

User Restrictions

We strongly prohibit using our data (including images, blogs, and any other content) or that of any website or platform.

Outstanding Customer Service

OZ Thrift is trusted by its loyal customers to be a dependable source for any and all coupons and discounts. We are constantly striving to improve our services so that we can offer you the most budget-friendly platform in comparison with other companies out there.

Restrictions of Services

Notably, if you fall short of any of the aforementioned terms, OZ Thrift holds a legal right to take action.